Mythic Progress: From the unexpected, into the utterly ridiculous

We only raid twice a week. Our GM still hasn’t picked up his final Artifact Weapon. Some of our raiders don’t use a mouse, and one raids whilst on a train. People didn’t think we’d get Ahead of the Curve, […]


They needed an extra reset on the servers this week because of how shit-hot we are

In what will probably be the last Mythic progress kill we get before the heat death of the universe, both Chronomatic Chris and Trilliax fall for the first time before us. So close to top 20 on our server now! […]


Mythic content is doable #confirmed

The signup list was full, the team was all there, Robin had his UI back (sort of). It was inevitable that Skorpyron would fall before us. Two hours on Chronomatic Anomaly and he’s down to 6% – next week we’ll […]


Curve Gul’dan! Mythic Raiding Inbound

Now, I’m not saying that we needed the free damage boost that everybody got in 7.2, but in our last raid we melted Gul’dan on only our third attempt. Felt good after watching him knock us off his platform for […]


In a night full of surprises, almost all of the core team showed up to raid and in a daring push we reached 9/10 in Heroic Nighthold, downing Elisande in only half an h0ur! Can we get Curve next week?


2 Tries Baby! 7/10 HC

Star Augur proved way easier in Heroic than in Normal. Something ain’t right about that, but we’re not complaining! Tichondrius next I suppose.


Weed Whacking

We’re getting closer and closer to Curve Gul’dan (or Gludan, good player name). We’re up to 6/10 after killing a highborne elf as androgynous as the plants he tends. Tichondrius awaits!


Big Nighthold Progress

An auspicious week for After Forever – after clearing all of Normal on Wednesday, we made a decent stab at Heroic last night, getting 4 bosses down in our first time there. At time of writing, we broke the top […]


7/10 Nighthold

Sure. Most guilds are now at the stage we’re at on Heroic or even Mythic, but we’re playing the long con. Tichondrius finally succumbed to our might. Botanist only took two attempts. We had a 0% wipe on Star Augur […]


Nighthold Day 1: Nerf Annihilate

A New year means a new Raid as we enter the Nighthold for the first time! 3 out of 10 bosses down already, with Trilliax only taking one (albeit messy) attempt. Sunday will see us attempt to down Spellblade Aluriel, […]